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Design Offline: when packaging printing is only one step away

Upload your file to Flexie and transform it into a wonderful packaging

This service is designed for designers, professionals and agencies that already have a printing file. In this case, just load it and your graphics will appear on the 3D model. Simple, isn’t it?

Busta doypack preformata personalizzata per caffè - Flexie

We always give a hand. Even to the best ones.

Tips to keep in mind to achieve impeccable printing and the packaging of your dreams:

  • Expand tracks and fonts to avoid design modifications

  • Use only colors in full color (CMYK)

  • Photos and images must have 300 dpi resolution


Discover more about: Design Offline

Design offline: how does it work?

Upload the print file to 3D

With the Design offline we give you the possibility to upload your print file and to see the rendering in 3D in real time. You will only have to be careful to use our dieline!


Choose the packaging type and download the template

Download the dieline on which to apply your design

By choosing the offline design you can upload your print file in one click and view it in real time on the packaging. Just insert your graphics in our template to make the file loadable on the platform and correctly viewable in 3D


Upload the print file

Upload your file to see the graphics on 3D

After having correctly inserted your graphic in the Flexie template, save it in PDF and load it by clicking on the appropriate upload button. After a few seconds you will see the packaging personalized with your design and you can rotate it, zoom in and check that everything is as you expected it! We accept pdf files up to 50 mb.

Looking for inspiration?
See our case studies

Here are some examples of people and brands that have used digital printing to create unique and eye-catching packaging

Busta doypack preformata per canapa - Flexie
Busta doypack preformata snack e patatine - Flexie
Busta doypack preformata spezie e preparati - Flexie
Busta piatta 3 saldature per accessori - Flexie
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