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Design Online: custom flexible packaging is just a few clicks away

At Flexie you don’t need to be an expert to create a work of art

Here you will find guidelines, tips and practical tips for printing your personalized packaging with logos, graphics or texts. What are you waiting for? Find out how to create a custom printed bags quickly and easily.

Buste personalizzate con foto e grafiche online - Flexie

Who starts well is half the…bag!

Our 3D online editor is really intuitive and doesn’t require great technical knowledge. But remember to:

  • Use high quality images

  • Enter legible texts in proportion to the bag

  • Create a good contrast between background and graphics


Discover more about: Design Online

Design online: how it works

Create online your packaging design!

The Design online allows you to create the graphic of your custom bag in 3 simple steps. You will be able to separately manage front and back of the bag and to customize each side even with different graphics


Upload photos or images

Upload up to two images on both the bag front and back

You can upload images directly from your smartphone or from your PC! You can use the image on the entire surface of the bag or just on a portion of it. We support jpg and png files up to a resolution of 4000×4000 px ( maximum weight: 3mb )


Color the background

Select a color for both the front and back

You can choose the color you want for your bag: you can use even a different color for front and back! With the Design online you have the possibility to select the background color from the color selector or even to sample it directly from the image inserted in step 1, using the Sample color tool


Add a custom text

Enter a text on both the front and back of the bag

Do you need to write something on your bag? Perfect: in the third step of the Design Online you will have the possibility to insert a text field by customizing font, color and alignment. You can enter text on the front, back, or both!

Looking for inspiration?
See our case studies

Here are some examples of people and brands that have used our 3D editor to create personalized, unique and appealing bags and bags online

Busta termosaldata per cosmetici - Flexie
Busta termosaldata piatta per caramelle - Flexie
Busta doypack preformata personalizzata per caffè - Flexie
Busta doypack preformata snack e biscotti - Flexie
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