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Custom flat bags

Buy online custom printed flat bags at the best price just from 12 pieces!

You can choose dimension, material, features and buy your custom flat bags directly on Flexie with no minimum order required and with the guaranteed delivery in 7 days.

1. Flat bags dimension

Select the size of the flat bag

The first step of the configuration is the selection of the size of flat bag that best fits your product:

  • Size 9×18 cm – 100 ml

  • Size 16×22 cm – 500 ml

  • Size 22×31 cm – 1000 ml

  • Size 30×35 cm – 1500 ml

2. Flat bags material

Choose the ideal material of your flat bag

The selection of the three side seal bag’s material is essential to preserve the product and achieve the required finish.

All the available materials ara suitable for creating efficient barrier bags. While the intermediate EVOH layer protects from oxygen, ALUMINIUM protects from heat and Uv rays. Therefore, all our laminating pouches are appropriate for food packaging


Material that allows to create windows. Provided with high oxygen protection, keeps aroma and protects from moisture

PET 12µ / PE EVOH PE 90µ

Glossy white

Shiny and covering effect material. Provided with high oxygen protection, keeps aroma and protects from moisture

PET 12µ / PE EVOH PE 90µ

Matte white

Matte effect material with a covering finish. Provided with high oxygen protection, keeps aroma and protects from moisture

PET MAT 12µ / PE EVOH PE 90µ

White paper

Material with a natural texture and high protection from Uv rays and heat ( ALUMINIUM ), it keeps aroma and extends the shelf life

CARTA 50gr / ALU 9my / PE 70my

3. Flat bags features

Finish the flat bag with features

Accomplish the configuration of your custom three side seal bag, adding special feautures to close the flat bag with the zip or to hang it on a display

Open the flat bag at a blow

Easy open feature

All our custom plastic bags are provided with easy open feature to make them more efficient and handy

Open and close your flat bag

Zip lock

You can add as a feature of your flat bag an easy-to-use reclosable zip that encourages repeated consumption

Hang it wherever you want

Euro hole

You can add as a feature of your flat bag a central hole that allows you to hang it on display and other support

Packing with flat bags

Why choose a custom flat bag with side seal?

The three side seal bag is suitable forpacking a wide range of products: from food supplements, to pharamceutical products and single-serve snack, sauces and condiments. With Flexie you aren’t restricted to minimum order so as to manage easily:

  • Test productions, product launches, graphic restyling

  • Seasonal promotions, limited edition

  • One to one productions for events, trade fairs and other special occasions

Busta piatta 3 saldature per accessori - Flexie
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Custom flat bags for food

Our flat bags are ideal for packing single-serve products such as snacks, sauces, condiments, powdered preparations, spices, etc.

Starting from 0,37 € / piece

Flat bags for pet food or chemical products

Use flat bags to pack animal feed, seeds, dog toys, chemicals or gardening products

Starting from 0,37 € / piece

Flat bags for beauty and cosmetic products

The flat bag is the most used format to package beauty masks and other single-dose cosmetic products such as soaps, bath salts, etc.

Starting from 0,37 € / piece

Flat bags for accessories and fancy products

The three side seal bag, provided with ziplock or euro hole, is handy and versatile. Use it for packing gadget, t-shirt, electronic components, etc.

Starting from 0,37 € / piece