Busta trasparente doypack zip richiudibile ed euroforo caramelle e biscotti - Flexie

Stand up pouches in PET / PE

Transparent stand up pouch 16x22 with zip and euro hole

Preformed transparent stand up pouch with zipper and euro hole, made of multi-layer plastic film (PET / PE), ideal as packaging for foods like candy, snacks, cereals, but also accessories and clothing. The size of the stand up pouch is 160 x 220 + 80 cm (gusset)



  • Optional:
  • Reclosable-zip-eurohole


0.45 per piece

Delivered within Monday 13 July

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Transparent stand up pouch 16x22 with zip and euro hole

The transparent reclosable zipper stand up pouch with euro hole, thanks to the doypack format, is a versatile resistant packaging. The presence of the features makes the transparent stand up pouch with zip closure even more practical: is ideal for repeated consumption and to reuse the packaging in every occasion. The transparent doypack pouch is suitable for containing food products, such as candy, biscuits, and snacks. There's no limit to your creativity: with Flexie bags you can pack anything! Thanks to the size of our transparent plastic bag (16x22x8 cm) and the materials with which it's made (recyclable PET and PE), it won't be a problem to package even cosmetic products, such as soaps, wipes and travel kits, clothing, and much more! TECHNICAL DATA Bag typology: Stand up pouch Dimensione: 160 x 220 + 80 mm Materiale: Transparent ( PET 12µ / PE EVOH BL 70µ ) Optional: Reclosable zip, Eurohole

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