Busta termosaldata con zip richiudibile 6x10 cm - Flexie

Flat bags in PET / ALU / PE

White flat bag 6x10 with reclosable zip

3 side seal pouch bag with reclosable zip, made of barrier plastic film (PET 12µ / ALU 9µ / PE 75µ). Ideal for food packaging, such as candy, spices, ready meals and solubles, snacks, dried fruit, but also for inflorescence of cannabis, objects and accessories.



  • Optional:
  • Reclosable-zip


0.45 per piece

Delivered within Monday 13 July

  • Description

Flat bags

White flat bag 6x10 with reclosable zip

The three side seal, provided with reclosable zip, in the handy size (6x10 cm), is made of glossy white material. Ideal to be carried wherever you want, the flat bag (lacking in depth because of the seals on the 3 sides) it's characterized by the shiny and brilliant finish of the material. The barrier film in PET, ALU and PE makes this plastic sachet ideal for a wide variety of products. If you need to pack in single-dose or simply need a pack with reduced dimensions for food products, such as coffee, preparations, cereals, spices, cosmetics, hemp, the flat bag is right for you! TECHNICAL DATA Bag typology: 3 side seal Dimension: 60 x 100 mm Material: Glossy white ( PET 12µ / ALU 9µ / PE 75µ ) Features: Reclosable zip

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